Our seminars and training sessions are intended for companies (directors, managers, HR, legal departments, employee representatives, etc.) and legal firms.

We work directly on the client’s premises, whether companies or legal firms, coordinating jointly with them or through the intermediary of other entities (e.g. Comundi, Lamy, Francis Lefebvre Formation, Ecole de Formation du Barreau).

Our legitimacy is supported by our written and co-written works and the courses we teach at business schools and universities (HEC, Centrale-Paris, Université Paris Descartes).

Each of the activities we provide is created in collaboration with our clients, based on our understanding of the context and the issues they face, most often in connection with a more comprehensive prevention process.

Rather than overly top-down presentations, we prefer interaction with a small circle of participants, so that they can understand the messages and connect them to their day-to-day activities.

Some of our training courses also involve group work, concerning real situations experienced by participants, using the co-development method.

Consultancy firm specialising in preventing psychosocial risks
and developing Quality of Working Life.