“Our lawyers sometimes felt powerless when faced with complex managerial situations. So initially we wanted to raise awareness among managers about preventing stress in work and identifying “at-risk” behaviours as soon as possible.

We quickly came to appreciate the double dimension of AlterAlliance consultants, both operational and strategic, as they offered us the chance to try a slightly different method from what was normal in this field: not using examples, no matter how concrete, but real experiences of the participants themselves. Despite some fears about reservations some people may have concerning the success of the approach taken, management and the employee representation bodies were convinced.

During the development phase, the AlterAlliance teams demonstrated an in-depth understanding of our expectations and excellent knowledge of the specific issues of a legal firm.

The managers invited were often perplexed by these “co-development” groups, either because they felt this concept of training about psychosocial risks was too far from their day-to-day experiences, or because they were hesitant about the idea of having to present a specific problem in front of others. But they all came out of the experience enriched. Some continue to consult each other about managerial problems experienced and continue the work they started in the seminars, that is, learning from the experiences of each other. It was a real success.

Bruno and his teams were able to adapt their recommendations to the various constraints inherent to our sector, and more specifically those linked to the highly decentralised nature of the organisation of our firm. This approach was not limited to recommending certain purely superficial actions, but rather he tried to understand and correct the causes of the risks linked to our organisational structure and management of the firm. As a result it proved to be beneficial from both an individual and a collective perspective: not only was the concept of stress covered simply and concretely for everyone, but the very participatory methodology used lead to greater collective awareness about the need to discuss the subject, and to each manager better understanding their role concerning psychosocial risks. This convergence of interests provided a new facet to a concept that is often difficult to understand and not considered objectively.

It is clear that the success of this initiative is also a result of the consultants’ qualities: empathy, reactivity, friendliness, a close relationship and their availability are worth noting.

After this first assignment, we worked with Bruno Lefebvre to create a lasting relationship based on trust and discussion. We gradually hired him for other assignments within his field: he helped us change direction with support through a significant change, and with personal and professional development for some managers. Each time, Bruno provides real added value to our changes of direction. Bruno is more than “just” a consultant, he has become a well-known contact within the firm.

I would therefore be delighted to recommend this firm, and would particularly like to thank its founder, a man of conviction with a sense of commitment, strong ethics, a gift for sharing and unfailing dedication.”

Carole Chatelain

Human Resources Director


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