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Carole Chatelain

We quickly came to appreciate the double dimension of AlterAlliance consultants, both operational and strategic, as they offered us the chance to try a slightly different method from what was normal in this field: not using examples, no matter how concrete, but real experiences of the participants themselves. Despite some fears about reservations some people may have concerning the success of the approach taken, management and the employee representation bodies were convinced.


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Benjamin Arranger

Benjamin Arranger
Publishing Director


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Daniel Rodriguez

I did not regret it. In fact, the training about stress mechanisms given to all employees enabled them to understand some changes better and, de facto, manage them better. Coaching for all managers in the form of “co-development” was extremely useful and indeed decisive for managing certain particularly complex situations. Managers were offered the possibility of anticipating and/or reproducing management situations experienced and which were difficult to resolve, helping them to define(...)

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Marie-Claire Riou et Sophie Puscian

The recommendations then made by Bruno Lefebvre and Valérie Schégin were extremely relevant for our organisation, and we appreciated their willingness to describe the situations to be handled frankly, with employees and management.

We would also like to point out the quality of the support following this analysis. They are not only experts who analysis the running of a company, they monitor you, advise you and coach you to provide solutions to complex situations. Following this study,(...)

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Patrice Ramnout

Their action is demonstrated and reinforced over time; from the outset, it provides more flexibility and efficiency, and less stress, in one word: savings!

AlterAlliance worked with us over two years ago now; in hindsight, it has only led to good things for us. To summarise: they’re good!”

Patrice Ramnout