We contacted AlterAlliance in 2012 to conduct an analysis on psychosocial risks. The process we were undertaking was completely new. After meetings with all of Parvis’s employees, AlterAlliance carried out an analysis within the given turnaround time.

The recommendations then made by Bruno Lefebvre and Valérie Schégin were extremely relevant for our organisation, and we appreciated their willingness to describe the situations to be handled frankly, with employees and management.

We would also like to point out the quality of the support following this analysis. They are not only experts who analysis the running of a company, they monitor you, advise you and coach you to provide solutions to complex situations. Following this study, we worked together regularly for two years, which enabled us to extend the human resources management policy within the national scene.

They were our travelling companions on this adventure, and we highly recommend their work with SMEs or any association of a size similar to Parvis.”

Marie-Claire Riou 

Sophie Puscian


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