“In 2009, I had to carry out a restructuring plan within Elsevier Masson France. I was aware of the impact this project would cause within the company and the crucial role of the managers in rolling it out, so I decided to request the assistance of a firm that was expert in managing the risks connected to change management.

I did not regret it. In fact, the training about stress mechanisms given to all employees enabled them to understand some changes better and, de facto, manage them better. Coaching for all managers in the form of “co-development” was extremely useful and indeed decisive for managing certain particularly complex situations. Managers were offered the possibility of anticipating and/or reproducing management situations experienced and which were difficult to resolve, helping them to define their position and priorities in an extraordinary professional context. Finally, the anonymous psychological assistance unit provided the option, to those who wished, to access a space for talking to a clinical psychologist.

Of course, the company’s management retained sole responsibility for preparing the restructuring plan, its objectives and communicating it to the employees. However the intervention of Bruno Lefebvre and his team made it possible to create an environment in which all the stress and psychosocial risk factors were understood from the perspective of both employees and managers. This complementary approach allowed us to balance protecting employees’ health with increasing the company’s productivity.

Bruno Lefebvre is a real expert in the field of stress and psychosocial risks in the corporate world. He is pragmatic, adapting his interventions to the situations he faces, while always seeking clear and practical solutions to the problems posed. He is an excellent coach, who very quickly manages to gain managers’ trust to help them to resolve complex situations in a very concrete manner. I really liked the quality and results of his work within Elsevier Masson, and particularly the effect of his advice on all the managers he coached.”

Daniel Rodriguez


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