Like our training courses, the seminars we organise are aimed at companies (HR departments, legal departments, employee and employer associations, etc.) and legal firms, with which they are organised jointly.

We work both through training organisations (e.g. Lamy information days, Francis Lefebvre Formation, MEDEF île de France, Assises du CHSCT, CLENAM, ANDRH) and directly for our clients.

The main themes we cover are preventing and managing psychosocial risks and improving the quality of working life, human support for change and resolving situations of tension and conflict through mediation and its tools.

A wide variety of subjects are discussed, covering occupational health problems, from collective, individual, managerial, organisational and legal perspectives.

Programmes are prepared jointly with our clients according to participants’ profile and operational needs.

Some examples of workshops and/or breakfasts

  • Psychosocial risks alongside the lawyers of CMS bureau FRANCIS LEFEBVRE (CNB, Etats Généraux du droit de l’Entreprise, 2012)
  • How to go from preventing psychosocial risks to developing good quality of working life? alongside Me Pascale Lagesse, partner and head of employment law department at Bredin Prat; Pascale Levet, Technical and Scientific Director of ANACT (Matinale AlterAlliance, Maison des Arts et Métiers, 2012)
  • Prevention of psychosocial risks and quality of working life. How to go above and beyond the obligations to create opportunities?  (Lamy information session, 2014)
  • Prevention of psychosocial risks: anticipating the impact of change and creating communities of managers (MEDEF île de France seminar 2014)
  • Preventing burn out in partnership with the Observatoire International and Malakoff-Médéric (Breakfast of 21 May 2015)
  • Stress, burn-out and bullying alongside Me Pascale Lagesse, partner, Bredin Prat (Seminar-debate: Liaisons Sociales, 4 June 2015)

Whether in the form of information days or lecture-debates, and whether or not our seminars come within the scope of a wider prevention process, they are always held in an interactive manner to allow participants to share.

Consultancy firm specialising in preventing psychosocial risks
and developing Quality of Working Life.