Support to management teams

How to move from a federation of individuals to a community with a single voice?

All too often, management teams function as a federation of individuals, rather than a united community.
After a discussion, ideally with all parties, the function of a management team is however to make decisions that each of the members can explain and defend. Sometimes individual interests guide the position of each person, rather than the collective interest.

To produce and transmit convincing messages, management teams must therefore be exemplary in their collective functioning.
Finally, it is essential that each member of the management team demonstrate a real capacity for adaptation and change in order to be able to ask the same thing of their employees.

In response to these issues, we have created a system for supporting management teams, with three objectives:

  • Raising awareness of the need to set an example from the perspective of “management of self and others”.
  • Drawing up a managerial strategy shared by all and that can be passed on to managers.
  • Each member of the management committee drawing up a personal commitment to managerial development.

Where applicable, individual coaching can be considered a means of support, ensuring sustainable development of individuals and therefore of the management team.

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