Individual coaching

Coaching is not a “personal development” tool, as it is not the person as a whole who is the target of coaching, but their behaviour within the professional context.

In fact, changing contexts require managers and directors to adapt their managerial behaviour. For example, a matrix organisational structure invites managers to adopt sideways communication.

Behavioural and interpersonal coaching falls within this strategy of adapting to transformation issues, targeting three dimensions:

  • The context: what are the issues from a business perspective, what changes are experienced, to be implemented and to come, what are the interpersonal interplays within the team and between it and its manager, what are the collective and managerial operating priorities?
  • The manager: what is their career history, is the current position in line with their career aspirations or not, what is the next step for the manager, what is the effect of their work in terms of wellbeing: these questions investigate their personal context.
  • Joint creation of action plans that are gradual and specific: it is necessary to lead the manager to raise awareness and carry out the testing necessary for the changes in question.

For the individual coaching of managers and directors, we are well known at Elsevier-Masson, Renault, Michelin, Aéroports de Paris, Total, Arkema, Groupama, AG2R La Mondiale and Banque Populaire Caisses d’Epargne (BPCE). For the coaching of lawyers, we are known at FIDAL, CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre, DLA Piper, Lefèvre Pelletier et Associés, etc.

Coaching of “at-risk managers”

This specific type of coaching concerns a manager or director who may be experiencing a situation of psychosocial risk.

This includes burn-out, stress that is dangerous to health or efficiency or management practices presenting a risk to employees (from a legal or medical perspective or in terms of operation efficiency).
This situation of psychosocial risk may concern both the manager and their employees.

In this case it is necessary to:

Consultancy firm specialising in preventing psychosocial risks
and developing Quality of Working Life.