AlterAlliance and lawyers

For several years we have been well known as a coach to managers and directors within CAC 40 companies and large groups (e.g. BPCE, Arkema, Total, Renault, Valeo) but also to French and Anglo-Saxon legal firms (e.g. Hogan Lovells, DLA Piper, August & Debouzy, Fidal).

For several years we have been working with legal firms, on an individual and collective basis.

Support in developing managerial and interpersonal skills in a “coaching” style on the following topics: moving from collaboration to association, managing a team of lawyers, gaining employee loyalty, handling clients known as difficult, learning to listen, public speaking, preventing and managing conflicts between partners.

Bruno Lefebvre is an active member of the “Quality of Life” committee of the Paris Bar, an initiative by the head the Bar, Ms Christiane Féral-Schuhl, chaired by Karine Mignon-Louvet, Paris Barrister, former member of the French National Bar Council (CNB, 2009-2011), member of the Paris Bar Council since 2013.

This committee is responsible for investigating the preventative and treatment aspects, the resources available to the lawyer to combat stress and obtain advice about psychosocial risks, whether individually, in team relationships or with other partners.

Support assignments

Legal firms regularly request us for support assignments, which we carry out in the strictest confidentiality as is usual in the profession, following the procedures below.

Within legal firms themselves:

  • Diagnoses: we offer studies and recommendations on the following subjects: stress, managerial behaviour and quality of life in legal firms.
  • Advice and training intended for lawyers leading times, on the subject “Management of stress linked to the legal profession”.
  • Management training for lawyers on the following subjects: how to move from “producer-developer” to “manager”, how to balance budget requirements with those of management, how to develop a community in a team used to working individually, how to spot and prevent burn out, how to regulate toxic behaviour, etc.
  • Leading discussion groups for lawyers.
  • Individual coaching.

On the premises of common clients:

  • Holistic diagnoses: investigate risk and protection factors and the resources used by the employees of a company to update the bases that can be used by the community to work better together.
  • Targeted diagnoses: investigate a given situation, based on pre-existing possibilities (e.g. bullying investigation).
  • Advice and training duties: human support for change (e.g. mergers-acquisitions, strategic or organisational changes).
  • Support in situations of disagreement or conflict, whether individual or collective (e.g. teams, partners)

In parallel, we regularly organise training sessions and seminars, in partnership with legal firms or within them, and we co-write articles with lawyers for publication in specialist journals such as: Cahiers Lamy du CE, LJA, Le Monde du droit, etc.

Consultancy firm specialising in preventing psychosocial risks
and developing Quality of Working Life.